Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This & That thoughts

That Franco on GH is such a cutie!! I hate that he is such a bad guy because he will end up being killed off. It would be nice if GH had a little more romance and a little less violence. What has happened to all our happy stories on the Soaps.
I really enjoyed when Sonny told that bratty daughter of his, to start showing him and Alexis some respect and to stop all her lying!!! That girl has caused enough trouble lately and someone needed to put her in her place.
Does Carly & Jax want to be together or not??? Who really cares??? I'm bored with them.
I like that Nicolas & Elizabeth are getting along. I wish the baby was his. I think she has dumped on Lucky enough. I would like him to find someone new...But not Claire...Please

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Daytime Emmy winners

After watching the Daytime Emmy's last night on TV, I must say over all I was extremely disappointed. Me being a Soap fan, was very disappointed with the amount of air time and attention that was given to the Soap Stars. I really could list on two hands the stars that I actually got a glimpse of as the camera rushed over the crowd. The whole event seemed to be rushed through. More attention were given to the blue men and Lion king, etc, etc, then any of the daytime stars or shows. Not to be rude, but I could care less about the blue men or lion king. I did enjoy the tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand, very touching and very deserving. But I was not pleased with the winners of the Emmys either. So I decided to list who I thought should have won from the choices that was given last night. So before I list my winners, remember I'm an ABC Soap fan and also like the Young & Restless..Here we go>>>>>>....
Outstanding Younger Actress...Julie Marie Berman- only because I have not seen the other actresses work, so I go with her. She is a GH girl. Go Lulu!!!
Outstanding Younger Actor---Even though I really like Billy Miller from Y&R, I would had to have given this emmy to Scott Clifton-OLTL- hands down. Scott Clifton is one of the best actors on TV period. You just can't beat him. I loved him on GH and on OLTL. Love you Scott.
Outstanding Supporting Actress- Bree Williamson- OLTL- love her work!!!
Outstanding Supporting Actor--Jonathan Jackson- GH this is another exceptionally talented actor. He and Scott Clifton are two of the best. Love, Love Love him...
Outstanding Lead Actress--Sarah Brown- GH- that girl can play bad like no other I know. She is the bomb.
Outstanding Lead Actor--Doug Davidson--Y&R- this guy had a lot of great material to work with this past year dealing with his crazy sister. He did a wonderful job. That man can cry at the drop of a hat and I know that is hard for Men to do. I applaud him for being able to do that.
Outstanding Drama- GH- Well I do have this GH blog,you knew I would pick them!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Give Sonny a Break

I'm real tired of all the residents of Port Charles giving Sonny such a hard time for the mess Michael is in. Yes he did have a hand in it, but so did a lot of others and everyone is getting off easy except Sonny. It was actually Jason idea to cover the murder of Claudia and had things set into motion before he even talked to Sonny. I applaud all that Jason has done to help Michael. Sonny has tried to help too, don't forget he went on trial and was almost found guilty. And how about Ms. Carly!!! What a joke she is. Tell me what she has done to try and help Michael. She went right along with the cover up plan and then lied on the Stand, no not once, but twice. Now she thinks she is all high and mighty, like she is an innocent party. Plus the fact that she had Jax to adopt Morgan, what a slap in the face to Sonny. Sonny the man who she so easily jumps into the bed at any chance. I know Sonny is not perfect, but he is no worse than any one else in Port Charles and should not be treated like dirt on everyone feet..And don't even get me started on that bratty Kristina!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feeling bad for Michael

Since the last time I posted, Michael has grown up and already had two different faces. I really liked the first Michael recast and was sad to see him leave. But I do like this Michael too, except for the fact that they put him in the slammer. I'm not sure where GH is going with this story line. I really do not like those prison story lines and they are really depressing. I hope Michael and Jason too, will be released soon.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No more Ric ????

I read this week in one of the soap opera magazines that Rick Hearst is leaving GH. He had been dropped to reoccurring status and was quickly snapped up by The Bold and Beautiful. Rick is a great actor and just last year won an emmy for his work on GH. I know all the soaps are suffering from budget cuts, but they need to hold onto to their good actors. GH has always been a show that was rich is history, but lately we have lost so many great actors and they keep bringing in these new characters who I really could do without and whom I know nothing about. I know the character of Ric was bad at times, but I also liked him. There was so much they could have done with his character. I was hoping in time that Ric and Sonny could become real brothers and like each other. He could have been a supportive Uncle to Michael and Morgan. Not to mention that he always had a great chemistry with any of the ladies they put him with. I liked him best when he was with Elizabeth. She always brought out the best in him. I could go on and on, but it would do no good. The damage has been done and we will be losing another great actor. Oh well Ric. you will still have a place in my heart..........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome Back Michael

I'm usually not a fan of aging the children so fast on the Soaps, but sometimes it can open the door for a lot of great new storylines. I loved the little boy who played Michael for years and will miss him. But I think I will like the new Michael as well for different reasons. Michael is awake and well and not pleased with his Mom right now. The only time I liked the character of Carly was when it was played by Tamara Braun. Tamara was able to play Carly with her hard side, but she also could bring out a soft side in Carly that none of the other actresses have been able to do. Ever since Carly rolled into town, she has been hell bent on stepping on whoever she feels gets in her way. She came into town to destroy her own Mom and break up her marriage and has not stopped rolling over whoever she wants, with Jason and Sonny always covering her back. Now her own Son who she has drug all over Port Charles from home to home, has a problem with her. He is too big now for her do drag around and she has to face the music. She has no one to hid behind. I'm looking forward to seeing how she deals with this . I think the aging of all Sonny's children will be interesting ..I guess time will tell...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hello Again

I took some time off blogging because I had a little run in with carpal tunnel. I decided since my work involved so much computer, I would limit my time otherwise. So back to General Hospital,I still have been watching and much has happened. Take for example Sonny and Claudia!!!! Who would have thought ????? I'm not sure who I want with Sonny, but it is not Claudia. She is the reason his son is in a comma.... It makes me cringe every time he is tender with her. I'm hoping that Ric will be the father. Sonny has enough kids and drama for one soul. Ric could use another off spring. Who would you like the father to be?????